School Policies & Etiquette

  1. PSB has a no-watch policy. This prevents distractions and allows us to provide a quality dance experience for your child.
  2. Please wear cover-ups over dance clothing when entering or leaving the studio. Dance shoes should not be worn outside the building.
  3. Students must be in required class attire to take class. (Warm-ups are only permitted in class at teacher's discretion.)
  4. Hair must be pulled back away from face and secured neatly for all classes; headbands should be worn with short hair.
  5. NO jewelry other than pierced ear studs may be worn in class.
  6. Students may be dismissed from class for talking, disrespectful behavior or disrupting class.
  7. Please have dancers change clothes (or diapers) in the dressing room.  Please keep strollers outside.  Cameras and videos are only allowed during Open House Week.
  8. A student arriving more than 10 minutes late may watch class but may not participate.
  9. Chewing gum is NOT allowed in the building; only water is allowed in the studios (no other food or drink). No nuts please!
  10. Students below Level 3 are not permitted in studios without teacher's permission.
Under the Sea 2012 photo - Seaweed

Last Revised: 2/14/2013